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  • Zero Down Lease and 2.99% financing

    Instant credit approval!

    Phoenix Solar Specialists offers our customers ZERO down lease and 2.99% financing based on approved credit for the most efficient solar panels in the world. Our maximum performance panels have the HIGHEST ENERGY PRODUCTION and come complete with 25 years warranty from the manufacturer.

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    * Commercial ZERO Down Lease
    * Residential 2.99% Financing

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    Phoenix Solar Specialists

    Go Green With Our Amazing Solar Panels

    Installing solar power is an active way to promoting the use of clean, renewable, emission free, power technologies and is visible proof of commitment to an innovative, forward looking, environmentally aware product. Phoenix Solar Specialists will design the solar products that are feasible for your site. We can set a positive example for our future generations to follow and build upon. Take advantage of our sunshine, the future is green, install solar today.

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    SunPower Authorized Dealer

    Leading in Solar Technology

    We use SunPower solar cells that generate more power at low light levels compared to other solar technology.

    • Better performance in overcast conditions
    • Better performance during sunrise and sunset
    • Inverter works a longer day

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    Experienced Licensed electrical contractor servicing the Valley since 1988

    Benefits to you:

    • We do all of our own installs
    • Factory trained technicians
    • Quality you can count on
    • Service you expect
    • Licensed and bonded

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Solar Financing

2.99% interest rate on approved credit. 0 down lease for the top solar panels. Instant credit approval.


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